Pankow Sees Virtual Design And Construction as more than technology; we value bim for its ability to change the way teams build, enhancing project success through increased collaboration early-on.


At Pankow we believe the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Process extend well beyond technology; We value the use of BIM/VDC for its ability to enhance project success through increased collaboration, improved integration, cost and time savings.

By leveraging BIM, Pankow is able to outline a process that allows us to achieve higher levels of certainty throughout all phases of design and construction. We deliver true value by taking the time to virtually plan all aspects of your project before we build it.

Base VDC Services

  • BIM Execution Planning
  • Site Logistical Planning
  • Model Based Take Offs and Cost Estimating
  • Phase Planning (4D)
  • MEPS Coordination
  • Space Coordination
  • Self-Perform Modeling and Detailing
  • Virtual Mock-Ups
  • Model Based Layout
  • 3D Laser Scan
  • Record Modeling
  • Facilities Management Model

Building Information Modeling Resources

It has become increasingly clear to us through our practice that application of the new 3D and 4D technology tools enhance integration, communication and collaboration. It should come as no surprise that Pankow, as pioneers in design-build and integrated project delivery, is also doing groundbreaking work in the area of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Pankow is committed to investigating and advancing VDC in our practice and our industry. In addition to our project-specific work with BIM, we’ve been exploring the following VDC tools and techniques:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Execution Planning Guide

We are early adopters of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Execution Planning Guide, developed by CIC Research Group, Department of Architectural Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, which received co-funding from the Charles Pankow Foundation. If you are considering BIM for your next capital project, we invite you to download a copy of the guide:

Download Here

Using BIM for Long-Term Facilities Access Management

In our work with LACCD on its Los Angeles Mission College East Campus Complex, the VDC team of BuildLACCD and Pankow developed a BIM application which is helping facility managers do their jobs with less risk and less time by incorporating Serviceability Zones as a building element. Review our recent co-presentation with LACCD at the Community Colleges Facility Coalition’s 2010 Conference to learn more about this concept: Improving ROI:

Download Here

Pankow Foundation BIM Grants & Research

The Pankow Foundation vision is to provide the AEC industry with a better way to design and build. Its mission is to be a catalyst to advance innovation in the design and construc­tion of buildings.

View the current grants and research products here:

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