Venice Family Clinic Early Head Start Center

Inglewood, CA


The Venice Family Clinic - Children First Early Head Start project transforms an existing carport into a modern daycare facility. The current building in which the daycare is located is owned by The Midnight Mission. Through The Midnight Mission, previously homeless families are offered housing while undergoing a 12-step recovery program, which includes job training and education. Spanning 841 SF, the daycare is situated below existing apartment levels within the carport bay and features an outdoor play area of approximately 600 SF. The design prioritizes incorporating natural light and direct views of the park to optimize visual sight lines for the children. The project entails the construction of non-bearing interior walls, installation of plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems, interior ceilings/finishes, and lighting to enhance the interior space. In addition, outdoor play amenities such as a play structure, a basketball court, and open green space are provided at the adjacent park.