Mills-Peninsula Health Center ED to Urgent Care Conversion

San Mateo, CA


This remodel consisted of the complete overhaul of an existing space to convert into an Urgent Care Facility in an operational hospital. The IPD/IFOA construction team used a number of innovative lean methodologies for this project to maximize efficiencies including: Takt Time Planning, Vico Line of Balance Software, the Last Planner System, a BIM Model, FieldLens Software, and 3D Laser Scanning.

With the help of P2SL of UC Berkeley, a line of balance schedule was created to best produce an optimized flow for our trade partners.

This OSHPD project achieved constant improvement in work flows and shaved 23 days off the scheudle. The team accomplished the project with zero RFI's and a significant reduction in the number of required submittals.

The Pankow team presented the Takt Time Planning Process at the Lean Construction Congress in San Francisco in 2015.