Cedars-Sinai Dry Lab Research Center

West Hollywood, CA


Cedars-Sinai was awarded a military grant to construct a facility that would allow them to measurably improve trauma care through innovations in communication technology, workflow and behaviors and test these findings in military environments. As such, all perimeter walls move to change room size and proportion (segmented moveable walls on tracks) to simulate varying military medical care facilities on the battlefields.

Pankow provided construction services for the conversion of an 8,765 SF existing office environment into a Dry Lab Research Center. Scope of work included: (1) OR Simulation Lab; (2) Conference Rooms; (1) Control/Observation Room; (6) Mid-size Offices; (3) Small-size offices; (1) Shared Office; (1) Privacy booth; (1) Break Area/Coffee Bar; and an open collaboration area and other related support areas.