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SoCal Pankow employees toured the Metropolis

On Monday, April 10th a group of 10 SoCal Pankow employees toured the Metropolis jobsite. Below is a brief description of the tour from two of our recently hired PEs.

"Standing in front of this massive high-rise concrete building, I sensed amusement and excitement; I literally had butterflies in my stomach. I had to quickly overcome my fear of heights as we rode the man lift all the way to the 52nd floor. During our tour, Chris Garcia exposed the group to the project specifics: handset shoring, truss flyer shoring systems, self-climbing core form, Lean process implementation, embed installation, concrete pumping and most importantly construction safety - which was constantly reiterated by Rudy Zuniga. The passion for building grew exponentially after our tour of Metropolis and I would love to be a part of a team that completes a project of such magnitude. Thank you, Chris and Rudy! "-Derrick Flores

"The Metropolis tour was special to me because I realized how much I've learned since my interview tour, four months ago when the building was at level 26. I was able to appreciate more parts of the building because of the change in perspective I had gained from being exposed to construction over the last few months. It also made me realize that one of my favorite things to do is visit construction sites, because I get an opportunity to see the pride and passion someone expresses when they walk you through their project." -Viviana Sanchez