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Vacation Spotlight: Amanda Gallagher

Ten-day Mediterranean Cruise with four days in Italy
By: Amanda Gallagher, Senior Superintendent

Why Go?
I love cruising (this was my 18th cruise in 10 years), so I was super excited to find a cruise that had all new ports for me and were a mix of countries and cities that oozed history, classic architecture, and natural beauty. I was also thrilled to be able to spend 3 days in Rome post cruise; I am obsessed with Roman history, and despite flying into Rome 3 other times for previous cruises I had never actually stepped foot in Rome before. And oh yes, I really needed a mental and physical break from my work life.

Places Visited:

  • Spent 2 days in Venice pre-cruise
  • Ports visited: Koper, Slovenia; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Kotor, Montenegro; Valletta, Malta; Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Barcelona, Spain.
  • Spent 3 days in Rome post-cruise

Sightseeing Highlights:

  • Visiting St. Marks Basilica after closing hours, and getting “lost” in the back streets and canals of Venice
  • The views from the city walls of Dubrovnik
  • The port of Valletta
  • The delightful mountain villages in Mallorca
  • Touring the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (still incomplete after 134 years of construction)
  • Absolutely EVERYTHING about Rome. I could easily spend another full week or two exploring this rich historic city.

Memorable Travel Experiences:
Lost luggage, learning the world celebrated Daylight Saving on different days (who knew?), earthquakes in Italy, and confirming that one can, in fact, survive on eating just pizza and gelato for days at a time.