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Soledad Torres attended the Collaborative Leadership Program at the UBC

Soledad Torres recently attended the Collaborative Leadership program at the UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America) in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 22-24. This is a relatively new program, which both Frank Murphy and Calvin Yoshida are aware of and support. The program is designed to assist in providing managers and supervisors the necessary tools to expand their repertoire of skills and to help mold a new mind-set to succeed in the increasingly fast-paced and highly competitive construction industry. The program's focus is on a more collaborative-based leadership and the creation of a partnership culture; one which can harness the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders. This allows leaders to leverage everyone's best performance and allows companies to better compete in a competitive marketplace.

During the three day program, Soledad was required to complete a management analysis, which helped her to learn about and better understand her own management style and how to better understand and interact with the different personalities and communication styles that she encounters on a daily basis. Soledad also learned about generational communication gaps and how to inspire and engage with everyone around her.

A portion of the program was dedicated to role playing, where Soledad had the opportunity to practice new communication skills during a bridge building competition. Soledad was selected to act as a Project Manager during the practice session and her team finished on-time and on-budget, making them the overall winners!

The UBC program is consistent with the Pankow Playbook, which connects our Vision, Mission and Values. Soledad thought the overall program was excellent, highly recommends it and believes the program will help future Pankow attendees to better see the possibilities, engage the power in people and deliver value – in everything they do.