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Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day in Glendale 2015

On Saturday, 2/7/15, twelve SoCal Pankow employees participated in another fun filled & incredibly productive Habitat for Humanity volunteer day in Glendale. Current progress at the Chestnut Home Project includes getting ready to start the Level 3 wall framing on Unit #3, finishing up the Level 2 wall framing at Unit #2, and starting the Level 2 floor framing on Unit #1.

As a reminder, the project includes (3) 3-story homes on one shared lot. Our Pankow group had many duties assigned to us for the day including building up stairwell framing, installing floor joists & blocking, and shear wall panel nailing. The biggest team challenge of the morning included transporting and lifting 10’ in the air by hand the following floor joist members: (6) 3.5”x12” double LVLs, (1) 7”x12” PSL, (1) 5.5”x12” PSL, (1) 4”x6”, and multiple 2”x12” joists, all 24’ long.

The biggest PSL floor joist weighed well over 600 lbs. Safely carrying and erecting these joists took full group cooperation, communication, coordination and strength. At the end of the day the Habitat Construction Leader commended our group for getting the work done so quickly and efficiently, and without any injuries. It was a successful team effort, but we definitely want to thank Superintendents Marvin Hancock and Mike Mead for their leadership and skill in executing this task.

We had put in nearly a full day of work before the rain caught up to us in the afternoon. New construction skills were learned and memories were experienced by all. Thanks so much for all those who volunteered! And thank you Pankow for sponsoring the lunch and snacks served to keep us working strong.